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Premium grain-free pet formulas, based on your pet’s ancestral diet.

Super premium dog food that is 100% healthy goodness and 100% delicious.  Email for a free sample.

Quality brass engraved ID 'panels' for plastic snap lock & buckle collars.           

Suppliers of healthy, natural, food made from fish, with no additives, preservatives or colourings, which dogs love.

Complete, holistic dog food, FREE from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives,using only the most natural and healthy ingredients. Made with ‘passion and principle’, it’s for caring and thinking dog owners like you!

Mobile dog grooming.


 Laughing Dog Food   

"We believe every dog deserves the right to be happy and healthy. To love and live life to the full, with lots of fun and foody flavour. Working with our expert nutritionists we have created dry dog food recipes that are completely balanced to meet your dog’s needs and the slow baking process means they are utterly irresistible too. We never add anything artificial and firmly believe that natural is best."