About Us

PAWS was formed by Linda Morley, after identifying a need for a dog training school teaching basic skills for family dogs. Linda has been involved in dog training for many years both as an instructor and handler.


PAWS training methods are based on positive reinforcement using titbits, praise and toys as rewards.


Meet Linda

Linda first became involved with dog training when she rescued Donna, a black and tan GSD, from the R.S.P.C.A. and joined a local club.This created an interest in instructing and behaviour and lead to helping with the classes, helping to run the club and then becoming an instructor.


Linda’s next dog was Cassie, a lively, black and white CollieX, who needed to learn some socialisation skills.  This need took Linda to a course with Phillipa Williams (who had worked with John Fisher, the world famous dog behaviourist) and the studying continued from there.


Linda has now completed courses with the Canine Behaviour Centre and the Institute of Pet Behaviour Consultants as well as graduating from Plumpton College with a certificate in Understanding the Domestic Dog.


In 2005 Linda was accepted as a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and as an associate member of the British Institute of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, this became a full membership in 2008.  Linda retired from the APDT in 2021.



Meet Paula

Paula ISCP.DIP.CANINE-PRAC. qualified as a Canine Behaviour Practitioner through the International School of Canine Psycology & Behaviour.


"I am committed to supporting only positive reward based methods that do not involve force, fear, domination or intimidation.  All dogs need kindness and some may require gentle guidance in becoming balanced and happy.  If you require help with unwanted behaviours, by using up to date, science based techniques, I can guide you towards gaining a mutual understanding and improve the bond between you and your dog."


To find out more about Paula and the services she offers, click this link to her web site.  https://canrich.co.uk